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Custom Programming Services

Development-X has its origins back in 1994 initially involved in software consultancy and - for the past 5 years - a development company specialising in packaged solutions and custom development for businesses ranging from Start-up to SMB's.

Our Staff - whose experience across both Small Business and IT ranges from 6 to over 35 years - is committed to delivering the best possible solution to meet your needs. In order to do this we provide a full range of packaged and customised software solutions.

In providing customised solutions our expertise and productivity tools provide us with the ability to take on both simple development tasks through to complete projects. Additionally, our experience allows us to confidently approach and solve a wide range of business and IT problems covering.
  • Report generation from data in your existing software
  • Business Intelligence analysis of your current system(s)
  • Extending your current system with new functionality
  • Creating a totally new - and independent - function or package.  This can be a Single user system through to a Multi user system supporting hundreds of users in Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server environments
       Includes latest technologies in the area of
        - Web & EDI Integration
        - Barcoding & Data Collection
        - Touch-screens
The diversified nature of Business and IT projects results in each solution being unique to reflect your specific requirements. As Development-X has been exposed to many different types of systems and areas of business we are in the prefect position to create the right solution for you.

If you have ANY software development needs - from producing a simple report through to total system creation - then contact us at

When your Business is more than just Accounts
The business software tool designed for the everyday computer user
Ezijobz Manager Series Including: JobManager, ServiceManager, & BusinessManager
The Business Planning, Documents & Invoicing Package
The FREE Customer Invoicing application
The Graphical Reporting, Analysis & Development Tool
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