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To demonstrate the ease and flexibility of X-Sheet we developed XS Invoicing - a simple yet extremely comprehensive Invoicing package - and made it available FREE to everyone. The response was astounding and more than justified our decision to enhance it even further to produce the Customer Invoicing package which is included in our Small Business Pack.
XS Invoicing

  • Invoices & credit processing
  • Payments & deposit processing
  • Customer statements
  • Debtors aging
  • Full reporting & analysis of information
  • Customer management with contact & reminder notes
  • Price lists with discounting & price levels by customer
  • Planned or regular invoicing

XS Invoicing Key Features:
What is the difference between XS Invoicing & Customer Invoicing in Small Business Pack?
Customer Invoicing is based on XS Invoicing with advanced features & enhancements that allow for further customization to suit different business types, and a few tools that can add tremendous value for companies that require them.
Following are the main functional differences :
Full status tracking - XS Invoicing primarily tracks Invoice & Credit status, whereas Customer Invoicing tracks additional status (eg: Estimate, Quote, Order, Work Order, Shipment & Payment Claim) and stores the date for each along with whether each has been printed. There is also a simple graphical Tracking Tab included for the big picture view.

Up to 4 user defined fields with validation values & lists. These are primarily used for specific industries (eg: The automotive trade may wish to record the vehicle plate, identification numbers, make & model or a drycleaner may wish to record pick-up & delivery status, the options are as many as there are different types of businesses). Once the additional fields have been defined they automatically appear in the customer screen where defaults for that customer can be setup.
Hide pricing on particular documents - The ability to hide prices on Order, Work Order or Shipment documents.
Billing templates - The concept behind a billing template is to speed up the processing of creating an invoice or maybe even a quote. Rather than just provide a simple template that merely stores a fixed list of lines and then copies these into the invoice you are able to setup questions that determine whether lines are copied into the invoice.

Latest Version :

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