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Whether you're just starting out, or already have an accounting package, you still need at least one of the applications in this pack: Business Planning,  Business Documents &  Customer Invoicing.

A Business Utility Pack that you can use to :
  • Calculate your charge out rates or product margins to breakeven
  • Estimate your cashflow shortages & surpluses by month
  • Plan and budget for your business
  • Print your own letterhead, business cards & other standard business forms
  • Invoice your customers & chase up your debtors
  • and much more...

Small Business Pack

  • Startup costs & on-going monthly expenses calculator
  • Budget monthly for both income & expenses
  • Put together a cashflow based on your business budgets
  • Put together a business plan 

  • Letterhead & business card design and production
  • Standard business document templates
  • Logos & banners

  • Invoices & credit processing
  • Payments & deposit processing
  • Customer statements & Debtors aging
  • Full reporting & analysis of information
  • Customer management with contact & reminder notes
  • Price lists with discounting & price levels by customer
  • Smart billing templates for common tasks
  • Planned or regular invoice creation
  • Full status tracking from estimate to invoice
  • User defined fields for your type of business
  Business Planning Key Features:
  Business Documents Key Features:
  Customer Invoicing Key Features:
When your Business is more than just Accounts
The business software tool designed for the everyday computer user
Ezijobz Manager Series Including: JobManager, ServiceManager, & BusinessManager
The Business Planning, Documents & Invoicing Package
The FREE Customer Invoicing application
The Graphical Reporting, Analysis & Development Tool
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