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Evestigo Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What about multiple users?
Evestigo enables you to create multiple users with specific security rights, even down to what reports can be run. You also have the option to connect multiple workstations to a single shared Evestigo solution.
The licensing for Evestigo is per workstation (Or per User for a Terminal Services type of setup).
2. Can I get information from other applications?
For most applications the answer is 'Yes', it is unlikely you will come across an application that you can't connect to. You even have the option to connect to multiple applications from a single Evestigo solution

3. What can Evestigo be used for?
The scope of Evestigo, for all practical purposes, is limitless. To stimulate ideas and maybe even provide the base for your own unique solution, we supply step-by-step instructions for 10 common Evestigo solutions.

4. How do I create more than one solution on my PC?
To create more than 1 solution it is a simple matter of installing again. Evestigo will detect that you already have an installed version and prompt for installation of another. You are allowed up to 9 separate installations on your workstation.

5. I don't have the time nor the skill to set up my own solution. Am I able to get something near to what I want…..and change it?
Yes.  Just go to the Ready-Made Solutions page and follow the instructions. You can use this 'as is' or amend it to suit your own unique solution.

6. Can I use Evestigo to 'Mail Merge' with Microsoft Word?
You can maintain a common document format in Microsoft Word and link it to varying information originating from Evestigo. A good example is sending a circular to your Customer Base. 

7. Must the Evestigo database be on my PC?
No.  You can use an Evestigo database that resides on another PC (or Server) within your network

8. Can I define fields that are specific to my Industry?
Certainly,  In Evestigo you can define as many fields as you wish that are specific to your Business.  For example, a garage may wish to record a vehicle's licence number, VIN number, key number, radio code, etc.

9.  Do I need to know about databases and systems design to use Evestigo?
No.  Evestigo systems (Databases, analysis routines and reports) can be created by anyone with a basic knowledge of how to use a PC.  For some of the more advanced features some additional knowledge would be useful but not essential.

10.  Can I update my current database through Evestigo?
No. Your current database will most probably include database integrity checks.  Evestigo therefore has been designed to avoid corruption of that database by not allowing you to circumnavigate those checks.

11.  How many records can I hold in an Evestigo Database?
The current maximum is 2 GigaBytes which equates (on average) to about 5 million records

12. Am I restricted to the standard Report layouts?
No. The standard Report layouts are there for you to use without resorting to 'manipulating' the report format.  You can, however, create your own Reports to whatever format you require.

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