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XS Invoicing Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Can XS-Invoicing Invoicing accommodate the tax structure in my country?
XS-Invoicing can accommodate Tax structures in force in all the major countries

2. In my Invoice, some items are subject to tax while other are non-taxable, can XS-Invoicing handle this?
When you go into XS-Invoicing you can set up as default Tax Rate. This Tax percentage is used by default on each Invoice Line but can be amended at the Invoice Line level to reflect the specific Tax applicable to that Line.

3. What paper sizes does XS-Invoicing cater to?
Both Letter and A4 sized paper is automatically loaded dependant upon your computer's regional setting. If you use any other size then all documents can be easily resized (and edited) through an easy-to-use Forms Editor

4. I already printed thousands of pre-printed carbonised forms for my Invoices; must I dispose of these forms?
XS-Invoicing comes with an easy-to-use Forms Editor. You should take a backup copy of the standard forms then amend the current forms to conform to the layout of the pre-printed forms.  As each pre-printed form is consumed then you can restore the system form from the backup

5. XS-Invoicing does not use the correct currency symbol or Date format in my documents how do I rectify this?
XS-Invoicing uses the currency symbol as defined in the Regional Settings/ Options of the Windows Control Panel. If the symbol displayed is not what you want, you can amend this by going to the Windows Control Panel | Regional Settings. Click on the currency and date tabs then specify the appropriate currency symbol and date format.

6. How do I add my company logo to the document headers?
Click on the 'Setup' tab and then select the document to be amended in the 'Edit Print Forms' panel.  On the displayed report layout click on the 'Insert Picture' icon on the left of the screen then click on the document area.  In the displayed panel click on 'Load' and locate your Logo.  If you now click 'OK' your Logo will be placed in the document. Position and size the picture as required.

7. When, and how, do I use a Credit Note?
If you have over-billed the customer - for example you sent him an Invoice for $110 and the customer rings you back and states it should be $100 - you should not amend the Invoice since it has already been sent to the customer. The way to rectify this is to issue a Credit Note for the returned products.  Therefore simply raise new document with a status 'Credit' and a line entry stating the reason for, and value of, the credit. 

8. Can I change the layout of the Invoice?
All documents are modifiable. To amend the layout of the Invoice select the 'Setup' screen and choose 'Invoice Form'. It is recommended that you click on the 'Help' icon and look at 'Making Changes' in the Electronic Reference Manual before attempting any changes.

9. Can I email the Invoice?
You cannot email the Invoice directly from within XS-Invoicing. You can, however, print the document to your screen and save it as .pdf file. You can now send a standard email using MS Outlook (or similar) and attaching the 'pdf file.

10. How many records can I hold in the system?
There is no maximum limit to the number of records you can hold.

11. Does it track Customer Payments.
You can track payments quite simply by going into the 'Reporting and Analysis' screen and click on either
  • Payment Analysis to show information about each payment received
  • Payment Lines to show where the payment has been allocated
Both routines use the analysis function that allows you to filter and format the information to your individual requirement.

12. Does it have Price Lists?
There are three price Lists - List Price, Trade Price and Special Price. You can link a Customer to a Price List and (if required) allocate a discount that is specific to this Customer.  Also, you may amend the price when creating the Invoice details

13. Can I identify Discounts?
You can enter a discount percentage in the Customer's master record. Each Customer can have a different percentage. This Discount percentage is copied to a new Invoice Header. It can be amended and made specific to that document.
When creating lines in the Invoice each line uses the Discount percentage identified in the Invoice Header. You may then amend this discount amount at the line level and make is specific to the line.

14. How can I create and maintain Price Lists?
Three price Lists are available. These are List Price, Trade Price, and Special Price. The price list contains details of any products or services that you may use in producing the Invoice along with prices for each of the price lists. To add a product or service to the price list click onto the 'Setup' screen and select 'Price Lists'.   

The Customer's master record allows you to identify the price list that applies to the customer. Whenever an entry is added to an Invoice then, if the entry is a standard product/service then the price held against the Customer's price list will be extracted.

15. Can I amend the format of the screens and documents?
The screen formats cannot be amended. You may, however, amend the format of the reports by selecting the 'Setup' screen and choosing the specific report. It is recommended that you click on the 'Help' icon and look at 'Making Changes' in the Electronic Reference Manual before attempting any changes.  Alternatively you may wish to produce report outputs using the very flexible analysis function, which allows you to filter, format and print information to your individual requirement.

16. Can I use my own numbering system when creating an Invoice?
You may enter a start Invoice Number in the Company Setup screen. The program will automatically increment Invoice Numbers from this start position.

17. Does XS-Invoicing have inventory management?
This is an Invoice and payments processing facility and does not include inventory control.

18. Can I add Shipping charges to an invoice, and can I choose whether they're taxable or not?
On the Company Setup screen you may decide if Freight Basis (Shipping Charges) include Tax or not.  Having defined this you can enter the Freight amount into the 'Freight' field of the Invoice. The freight will be itemised as a separate entry in the sub-total area of the document taking into account the incl/excl Tax option.

Note: If the Freight field has a zero entry then it will not print out on the document

If you wish to have the freight appearing as a detail line on the Invoice then simply enter it as a normal line.

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