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Job Manager is a business management system ideally suited for tradesmen, contractors, start-up, or any job-based business. Job Manager is specifically for small businesses with simple accounting requirements that don't need the complexity of a formal general ledger-based accounting system.

Job Manager includes all the features of QuoteManager, plus the ability to track and record customer payments, manage suppliers and track expenses, and reconcile bank account(s).

For Quoting & Estimating Features--See Quote Manager

Job Processing Features
  • Take-Offs - Quantity usage is calculated from the job's dimensions
  • Documentation - External documentation can be linked to a job
  • Job Pricing - Based on fixed price or built-up price
  • Warranty Sheets - Warranty Tracking
  • Contracts & Projects - Multiple jobs per contract/project
  • Planning Board - An interactive graphical planning board
  • Usage Recording - Record actual usage
  • Invoicing Methods - Percentage or actual quantity based or non-charge
  • Payments - Full payment and credit note processing

Other Features
  • Customer payment tracking and recording
  • Bank deposits
  • Expenses recording, reports, and analysis
  • Supplier invoice recording
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Cashbook and bank account reconciliation
  • Tax control and business activity reporting
  • Analysis reporting for jobs, graphs and statistics on the health of your business
  • Activity notes for job, customer, and supplier follow-ups and history
  • Document Modification to show your logo or extra information e.g. barcodes

Ezijobz JobManager

When your Business is more than just Accounts
The business software tool designed for the everyday computer user
Ezijobz Manager Series Including: JobManager, ServiceManager, & BusinessManager
The Business Planning, Documents & Invoicing Package
The FREE Customer Invoicing application
The Graphical Reporting, Analysis & Development Tool
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