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X-Sheet Examples Supplied with the product:
The following functional samples are supplied with X-Sheet. This includes all source so that you can amend the design to suit your own environment. Please remember these are samples and can either be used as templates for your specific X-Sheet project, or simply to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the X-Sheet environment.
Customer's Self-Service, Features and Options Configurator

This sample demonstrates a few of the key features in X-Sheet.
  • The ability to take the complex and make it simple. By presenting a user with pictures and simple options the most time consuming and complex tasks can be performed with ease.
  • The ability to design interfaces optimized for a Touch Screen environment.
  • Show the concept of a simple Features and Options Configurator that can be applied to numerous industries and applications!

Workcenter or Department Capacity Loading

This sample demonstrates the ability for X-Sheet to :

  • Sit across a process and report on capacity loading in real time.
  • There is also a job finder facility available that locates and highlights where a job/order currently is in the process.
  • Again like the other samples this concept can be applied to a number of other industries and applications.

Product Locator

This sample demonstrates the power of pictorially showing the location of a product relative to your current position. Although this example is ideal in a large warehouse or retail store, the concept of visually representing information for ease of use and understanding can be applied to almost every aspect of business.

Project Controller

This sample is a fully functional Project Management Tool used to :
  • Create, Maintain and Track a Project throughout its life cycle.
  • Particular emphasis has been given to tracking income and project status.
  • Although the main purpose is to track projects the same principle of tracking status, value and quantity can apply to a number of other verticals.
  • It must also be stated that normally the underlying information would come from another business accounting system, but for completeness the additional functionality has been included.

Retail Point of Sale Terminal

This sample demonstrates using X-Sheet as a Point of Sale terminal. Features shown are :
  • The use of a 'Touch Screen'
  • A fully functional 'Touch Screen' enabled keyboard display
  • Input from a barcode scanner
  • Date and time stamping of order
  • Printing of a Receipt
  • Again like the other samples this concept can be applied to a number of other industries and applications.
Sales Analysis Console

This sample demonstrates the use of Analysis Forms within X-Sheet. These :
  • Can be put together and linked to databases in a matter of minutes
  • Provide a window on information for analysis, reporting or just inquiry purposes.
Once linked to the datasource through a query builder :
Your information is presented to you a grid view that enables slicing, dicing or grouping in any manner needed.
And if that isn't enough you have the ability then to further filter and output to various formats including Microsoft Excel, XML, HTML and Text Files.
Clip this into your existing business database and fill-in the gaps with your current reporting!

Sales Graph of Current / History / Budget

This sample is primarily designed to demonstrate pulling together data from different datasources. In this example :
  • The current and historical sales comes from an Access database and,
  • The budget figures come directly from an excel spreadsheet
  • There is a check in the sample for the presence of Microsoft Excel and will use a pre-bundled text file if Excel is not detected
  • This also demonstrates the data-refresh cycle on a user-defined frequency

Service Request Desk

This sample is designed to demonstrate X-Sheet's ability to :
  • Download email requests automatically and import the contents into the service database for further action.  
  • A simple web form is used to capture the required information and email the details to X-Sheet. 
Use of this simple but extremely powerful concept is far reaching.
The applications range from automated service and support systems - through to end-to-end ordering and delivery applications.
X-Sheet becomes the enabler for extending existing business systems without the need for replacement!


This sample is designed to demonstrate X-Sheet's ability to display data from your current system :
  • In a simple, yet comprehensive, manner
  • Refresh the display with the latest information at a user-defined frequency
This feature can be used to display :
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Machine-Tool monitoring devices
  • Equipment Usage and/or Security Access monitoring
Again, like the other samples, this concept can be applied to any number of other applications where a single pictorial display is required.

Time Clock

This sample is designed to demonstrate X-Sheet's 'Touch Screen' ability to record Shop Floor and/or Departmental timesheet entry. The sample displays :
  • Current Date and Time
  • Summaries of current 'signed- in' employees with
  • Drill down option by Department to view details
An additional screen caters for 'Touch Screen' entry to :
  • Search current Jobs and Book onto it
  • Book off the Job
Again, like the other samples, this concept can be applied to any number of situations where real-time Job or Order status needs to be maintained or monitored.

Visitor Log

This sample is designed to demonstrate a self-contained 'Touch Screen' routine that requires Visitors to sign in and out. This sample displays :
  • Initial information for the Visitor (Health & Safety plus Fire procedures)
  • Company Profile
  • Site Plan
  • Staff List
Current On-Site Visitors List is available in case of Fire Evacuation

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